Monday, 11 June 2012

Sharn's Love For Chanel And How She's Rocked It Her Way!


One of my favourite Chanel items in my collection,
is this vintage pale apricot wool Chanel suit. I never wear head-to-toe designer, as I like to wear high street fashion too.

The back of the skirt.

                                            Inside of the Chanel jacket.

From a very young age, I loved playing dress up and just being me. Fashion is about how you 'rock it!',  not what you wear.

I love the Chanel double 'C' embossed black and gold buttons

If I was in Karl Lagerfields book 'The Little Black Jacket' this is how I would pose lol!

Check out these celebrities showcasing the iconic Chanel jacket...

Are you loving these Iconic Chanel jackets?

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