Friday, 28 January 2011


Hey Guys and Dolls!

I have worked in fashion retail for over 10 years. As you could imagine, I've seen trends come, go and repeat itself on the high street.
It's most definite that I have a passion for fashion! But whether I'm a follower or a leader is for you to decide?
My purpose on this blog is to update you on all fashion related subjects, whether it is trends, celebrities, homeware, or lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy my updates!



All things cute, colourful and maybe a bit weird is me Chikalei. I love everything to do with Japanese culture. From the Okonomiyaki to the Oversized bow on Takeshita dori.
I'm a fashion student trying to break into the fashion world, like a silent ninja. I will be posting everything and anything that catches my eye, im sure you will enjoy it.

Chikalei x  

Hello Fashion Friends

Sparkle, glamour and just embrassing your individuality is what I've always loved about fashion!
I hope I can give you all a colourful insight of my desire for clothes, shoes, outrageous jewelry and to feel the thrill of wanting to enhance your own collection.

Love Sharn.xx

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