Sunday, 20 February 2011

Chikalei: Adventures in my most favourite place in the whole world JAPAN!!!

Ive always wanted to go Japan since I was a wee kitty and in 2010 I finally arrived.

One of the first places I went was KIDDYLAND!!  They sell my cute and cuddly friend Hello Kitty. Situated on the top floor was Hello Kitty galore, I didn’t know where to start. Hello Kitty comes in many forms, everything from socks to water. I wanted EVERYTHING!!
Hello Kitty Heaven!!!
Kitty Water ( I wonder how it's made..)


 FOOD!! FOOD!! FOOD!!  You will never go hungry in Japan. There are vending machines, convenience stores and restaurants everywhere you go. One of the restaurants I had to taste before I left was McDonalds! I had a chicken burger with fries and Grape Fanta. My first impression was this burger looks and smells a lot better than the English version. It was the best chicken burger I ever tasted in my life. I haven’t had a chicken burger since.

McDonalds Chicken Burger (Japan)
Damn Good!!!!

But McDonalds does not compare to traditional Japanese food.
One of my favourite dishes was Okonomiyaki which is a savoury pancake, which contains any meats or vegetables you desire. I had Monjayaki it’s the same as Okonomiyaki but the consistency of the batter is runnier, so you have to eat it straight off the grill in front of you using a metal spatula. I burnt my tongue and hands a few times but it was worth it.

Monjayaki (vegetables, mochi and cheese, Okonomiyaki (Left) Just vegetables)

SHIBUYA 109!!!! Is one of my favourite places to shop. It has 8 floors of clothes and accessories. Each shop has its own sound track so it’s kinda noisy. The majority of the music being played was Dance, r n b and a few was playing bashment. All the clothes were cute, short, colourful and fluffy. All the staff were cheerful and helpful very different from England. Shibuya 109 is a great place to shop, but can get really crowded.
Shibuya 109

The all mighty Ginza, home of the designer brands. Busy, bright lights and tall buildings with every designer brand you can think of.


Louis Vuitton
Gucci and Seiko
Me in Ginza
Check out part two of my trip to Japan. Coming Soon...
Chikalei x

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