Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ricci Dolls Go To Hyper Japan 2011 ^^

          Hyper Japan is the biggest Japanese cultural event in the UK.
                      Check out what the Ricci Dolls got up to. . .

Panda Love!
This cutie is from Tofu cute, they sell everything that is super kawaii!

Chikalei just had to have another hug from huggable Panda-Chan! 

We came across a lot of Lolitas, who were showing off their little bo peep inspired costumes. Lolitas come in a variety of different styles from Gothic to Country Lolitas.....

Loving their look


There were so much things to do and see. . . .

We love playing video games

We had a Manga portrait done

Sham & Sharn

We tried on Kimonos.

As you know we Ricci Dolls love to shop, these are a few of the things we bought. .

I love this necklace it's super cute!

All jewellery by Roxie Sweetheart

Sham tried out ITK's Robotic hand, which operates through the user using a glove, how cool is that...

We bought three Raffle tickets, which came with a hand-made brooch, to raise money for Japan Society Earthquake Relief Fund

From all that walking we got a bit hungry!

 We shopped and we ate so we really had a good time!

Itte mairimasu.
(see you later)


  1. That panda and jewellery are far too cute. Love all the outfits, looks like a great day out :)

  2. wow!
    it looks a gorgeous event!
    you are so beautiful! and your pics are so funny!

  3. the festival seems really interesting!
    i can't get enough of harajuku style either!
    u guys look supercute in your outfits!

  4. Awesome blog! Love your photos!

    Make sure toenter my giveaway on my blog!

  5. That panda jewelry is way too adorable!! I love all your photos it looks like you girls are having too much fun!!

    <3 Marina

  6. You guys are awesome! Thanks taking so many pictures, it (kinda) makes up for us readers not being there. If you find any more random ones, do another post, please?


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