Wednesday, 25 April 2012

We have a new blog!

Yes fashion friends its true! I (Sham) has a new blog!

Why Sham started a Mobile blog?

I decided to start a mobile blog because I live on my mobile phone, I'm constantly tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming , checking out other fashionista's blogs.
So I thought it would be fun to start a individual blog/diary of my daily endeavours!

What will Sham be blogging about?

I am a fashionista by nature so most of  my blog content will be based on fashion but do expect to see randomness! I take random photos on my phone all the time! lol I'm not a typical 'Outfit Of The Day' blogger but you will see sneak peaks of what I'm wearing and weird camera angles too!

I play with alot of photo editing Apps too, such as Instagram! Whatever I find interesting or beautiful I may potentially blog that means I could be posting anything.

Will Chikalei and Sharn be featured on this blog?

My sisters are my best friends and we hang out alot, so maybe once in a blue moon you will see photos of my sisters on my blog but our 'Ricci Love Her Look' blog is our blog, so were most likely to do joint post on our Ricci Blog which we will try to update as often as we can.

The advantages of mobile blogging

The advantages of blogging from your mobile is capturing moments instantly and posting them straight away! Unlike computer blogging you probably have to wait a day or two to edit photos and write content.
  There are alot of fun photo editing apps that you can use to create a artistic feel to your photos...its great for a randomness!

The dis advantages of mobile blogging

I would say the dis advantages are photo quality and sizing issues! I have a 8 mega pixal camera on my phone which in hind sight is quite good but you will get better sharper results with a decent camera. You cant lay your pictures out in the order that you'd like or the text but this is to be expected from mobile blogging. The positives does out weigh the negatives!

How you can view or follow this blog

Click this link and follow my blog >>

There is a link on our right hand side panel and our pages tabs!

Check it out!

Would you try mobile blogging?


  1. So excited and happy for you gorgeous and of course following.

    <3 Marina



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