Saturday, 2 April 2011

Chikalei: Adventures in my most favourite place in the whole world JAPAN!!! PART 2

Beautiful Kyoto!!!

Kyoto is one of the beautiful places I’ve ever been.

I stayed in a cute traditional Japanese hotel, owned by a sweet little Japanese woman. She made a huge breakfast for all 6 guests each morning. I didn’t know what most of it was but tasted really good!!!

My Room
 When I first walked in my room I thought something is missing. I realised there was no bed! But I later discovered they were brought it in the evening. I wouldn't have thought a futon was comfortable but they are!

The little side road the hotel is on

The first temple I visited in Kyoto
 This temple was the first of a lot of temples and shrines I visited. So I only remember the names of a few.

On my travels I saw some geishas

After a long day going from Temple to temple, shrine to shrine in the freezing cold I had some green tea and mochi (traditional Japanese sweet)


Snowing in Kyoto

On my last day in Kyoto it started to snow. Even though I was freezing my ass off I still could appreciate the beauty of Kyoto.

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