Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sham and Sharn GET A MAKEOVER!!!

Lately us Ricci sisters have been feeling really bored of our hair and make-up! The problem is we are not sure what suits us and we are scared to cut our hair in case we hate it! We know that we can always try hair extensions and have it cut into a style but still we fear that we'll spend alot on our spontaneous hair style, we hate it and leave the hairdresser's with a hat on! (like we've done many times in the past!)

Our sister Chikalei was not included in this post as she is currently in Japan and she is the dare-devil when it comes to changing her hair! She rarely has the same style! We just love our little sister's brave-ness!

Thank goodness we found a few Virtual makeover websites, that allows you to upload a photo of yourself, customise your hair and choose whatever makeup for free!
Our favourites are

Thank to these websites we are full of ideas to change our image!

Take a look at our VIRTUAL hair and make-up creations...

This is my favourite look! I would never have thought of colouring my hair brown. The length is just perfect too as I love and think longer hair suits me better.


This is my favourite Instyle Virtual creation! The hair is fabulous and I just love wearing my hair up, the make-up is lovely and I'm feeling the red lip gloss.

What look is your favourite?

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  1. They are all great. I am actually a huge fan of waves! Though I also love all-natural hair looks too! But you will be the ultimate decider!

  2. Hi girls, how are you? I love this post, my fave is the pictures #1, and of course all the pictures look good! xx Joice

  3. Usually I hate these things because they never turn out right..but some of these styles really fit you guys. I like the first one and the 2nd MK look too!


  4. LOOKS 1, 3, & 7th look are my favorite.

    This makeover thing is so funn! ;]

    Great blog!

    Kimberly, FWB


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