Sunday, 23 October 2011

Chikalei on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week TOKYO S/S 2012

Last week, Fashion week took place in one of my favourite places in the world TOKYO!!!
Sadly I couldn't be there. But due to the amazing world wide web, I could watch fashion shows live and see photos of  beautiful Spring/Summer collections of 2012 by Japanese brands.

 One of my favourite S/S 2012 collections is by Everlasting Sprout.
This collection is so sweet nerd. I love it! The models remind me of paper dolls and
strawberry shortcake (character).

Another one of my favourite collections is by Shida Tatsuya. The collection is fused with stripes, polka dots, Pink, Navy, Black and white, with a slight nautical feel. The collection started off white ,then gradually became over sized,voluminous and colourful. Which I loved. This collection is so so cute and I would definitely wear it.


Here are some individual outfits I love!

 Eri Matsui

Johan Ku


Chikalei x


  1. I love these whimsical collections! They totally put me in a cheery mood! :)

  2. Hi girls, how are you? thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leave a sweet comment, anyhow great post and I love the Johan Ku outfit! xx Joice

  3. you're true, first collection seem like paper dolls!


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