Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sham: The only way is up!

I've always admired the sleek updo bun, its so classy, elegant and easy to achieve.
My hair is natural so I must admit it was abit hard to gain the sleekness and shine that you would usually get from chemically straightened hair but i used Olive Oil Edge Control to keep my baby hairs in place lol
Also I used my Babyliss ceramic hair straightener to ease out my natural curls.
There are so many fake hair buns that you can buy at your local hair retailer but i simply used a  Hair Sponge to achieve a bulky bun and wrapped my own hair round it.

What do you think?


Babyliss Pro Straight 220 Ceramic

Olive Oil Edge Control

Hair Sponge

Take a look at my all time favourite celebs that achieved the Updo bun with perfection!

Kim Kardashian

Lauren Conrad

Kourtney Kardashian

Whitney Port

There are so many Youtube hair tutorials out there but this one happens to be my favourite and the most simplistic steps to follow

What is your favourite hairdo?


  1. Hello there! The sleek bun looks splendid on you! And funny enough, I use the mask from Olive Oil even though I'm white (caucasian); it's excellent for my hair when it gets dry and a bit damaged! As to my favourite hairdo, it varies with time, mood, etc... but now I think I'm loving the Old Hollywood brushed-out pin-curls with a side part (I'll soon be posting photos :)


    (and thanks for following on Twitter! I'd appreciate it very much if you joined on Google and FB too :))

  2. Hi that bun is gorgeous! You did a great job, i want to try it too!

  3. i love the bun on you, it suits u perfectly, your blog is so lovely by the ways and you have such inspiring outfits, i will defiantly be visiting again very soon, keep the good work up :)

  4. Love your Hair style Post. Great Job


  5. Great DIY advise!
    I love your blog and I would love if we followed each other!
    I just did with google friends!

  6. i love!!! high bun!! it look awesome!

  7. Nice hairstyle!

  8. I love the high looks amazing..I always wear a high bun to work since im a chemist and have to keep my hair up and out of the way and I have long locs...great post



  9. Love the bun up do. Just wish I could do mine better, need more practice!

  10. Oh my word, brings me back to the days! I used to be a ballet dancer and ALL I wore ALL day was a ballet bun! I guess I got tired of it (but LOOOOVE it on others still)...started wearing mine swept to the side and pinned back with a bow or barette, a la 1940s. Check out my blog, you'll see that hairstyle almost every day!

    <3 Cambria

  11. I like it. You did a good job with your straither!

  12. OMG . I'm wearing my hair in a bun 2 for 2 weeks now. I just like it like that.
    ANd since it's warm here at Curacao well, it's the perfect hairstyle.
    But really love it on you



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